Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I HEART My Silhouette Cameo

Last week was our first week of school.  On Friday, I shared my own "All About Me" bag with my class to explain their weekend project (to simply fill the bag for our own little "show and tell" during the 2nd week).  What was in my bag you may ask?  Weeeellll, only my top 3 most PRIZED items:
1. My teaching badge.  Need I explain? 
2. My laptop.  Again, need I explain? 
3. My fairly new Silhouette Cameo.  (This one I'll explain!)  :)

A few months back, I splurged and made the switch from my Cricut to a Silhouette Cameo.  AND I'M IN LOVE!  Have you seen it before?  Have you used it?  Take a quick peek into how my new favorite "toy" has helped me prepare my classroom for back to school:

- I've made new small vinyl labels for my turn in trays.  Nice neat and cute fonts!

- I again used vinyl to quickly cut and label my students' book boxes with their names.  Adorable!

- I cut out cardstock and chalkboard papers to create personalized clippies for my kiddos' work outside.  Love them!

- I labeled my new table bins.  (Which, if you read my original post, I'm still a little on the fence about these after the first week...)

- I made my personalized teacher flower/nameplate for the front of our building to fit our "Peace, Love, & Learning" theme.

- Plain black paper was a quick cut to make cute letters for our grade level bulletin board.

- And really, I could go ON and ON!  But I won't brag ;)  I just thought I'd share my latest obsession!!! 

As a quick "aside", it was a pretty funny chat I had with my new students about my Silhouette.  Trying to explain to a group of 2nd graders the concept of buying yourself a present is somewhat difficult!  They just couldn't believe that I have to buy my own fun toys!  I even got a, "Yea, Ms. mom says she has to buy her own things, too.  She said being an adult isn't as fun as being a kid!"  Very funny!!!

Well I'm off to school, then later, maybe I'll "tinker around" some more with my new toy.  I'm thinking of cutting our class jobs out in vinyl...hmmm....decisions, decisions....   :) 

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  1. May I ask where you got the tray for the homework? My son is home schooled and that tray would be perfect to keep the homework organized.