Monday, March 25, 2013

Understanding Author's Purpose Promo!!!

Well it's that time of year that our district is studying Author's Purpose.  From Kinder up to at least 2nd grade, we've been investigating the 5 "reasons" why writers write!  It's one of  my favorite weeks of study in Reading curriculum, and I know my kiddos always seem to have fun.  If you weren't following last year, here's a link to my kiddos' experience with Author's Purpose in 2012.

This year has been very similar, with a few teensie changes.  I've still used my favorite Author's Purpose Pack, that you can find on TpT.  It has great visual "posters" you can print out on full size paper, or print 2 to a page and have students glue into their own journals for reference. 

Last week, though, I created some quick and easy "examples" of the purposes: to inform, to explain, to entertain, and to persuade.  I simply printed them off, cut them into strips and used them 2 days in a row.  The first day, the class worked as tables to identify the purpose of each paragraph.  Then, the second day, the kiddos worked alone.  On the back of each strip, I had them use the sentence starter: "I think the purpose is to ____ because _____,"  Here are some shots of my students in action:

"Strips" on the left, Reading Notebook in front...Student using his noggin to determine the intent!  :)

It was great practice, and because of these little strips, my class scored incredibly high on the assessment in the Author's Purpose Pack!  So here was my thought...why not use it as a FREEBIE promo?! :)

For any follower who purchases my Author's Purpose Pack in the next week will not only get to buy it on SALE, but will receive this one page file of my text "examples" that you can use as practice with your class.  Simply purchase my pack, then email me at JustTinkerinAround(at)Yahoo(dot)Com.  Tell me your TpT username, and simply ask for the FREEBIE add-on!  I'll send it right away!  :)

Happy Investigating Intents!!!