Saturday, October 27, 2012

Input/Output (Function) Tables in 2nd Grade?!

In 2nd grade, we work LOTS with number patterns...skip counting, missing numbers, rhymes, chants, and so on.  This year, though, we've spent a few weeks working with FUNCTION TABLES!  Say WHAT?!?!  Yes, that's right...function tables.  They aren't just for middle and high school anymore...

So, of course, I thought I'd share a short and fun activity my kiddos completed on their own.  First, our class read the cute, short story Duck on a Bike by David Shannon.  We talked about Duck's adventures, then had them connect how the story could relate to all the tables we've been learning about.  Lo and behold, they came up with the idea to make input/output tables!  And not only that, they suggested we should add some friends to go riding with Duck, like at the end of the story!  (Super smart bunch of kiddos!)

Out came the large white papers...blank and ready for the students to develop their tables ON THEIR OWN!!  :)  They worked with their classmates to figure out a title, a "rule", a direction (either vertical table or horizontal), and the numbers to fill it in.  One animal would have 2 wheels (1 bike), 2 animals would now have 2 bikes-- thus FOUR wheels, 3 animals would have 6 wheels...and so on and so forth...

They did FABULOUS!!!  I can't brag on them enough.  They worked so well together, and even helped explain to one another the "pattern" they saw as they filled in their tables.

It never ceases to amaze me how well students can direct their own learning.  Even in something such as FUNCTION TABLES (that I personally don't think I learned about until 8th grade...), they're so cooperative and learn with and FROM one another.  It totally made me smile, so of course, I had to share with you all :)