Saturday, February 2, 2013

A SUPER Weekend (with a SUPER STRANGE Super Bowl Story!)

I have a special connection with Super Bowl Sunday.  It's funny, because I'm really not a football fan.  I really don't like wings, I can't drink beer (I'm allergic to barley, but even if I wasn't...yuck!), and I was never a cheerleader.  So you might wonder then, what's my connection...

Well, see, as a little girl, I lost my very first tooth on Super Bowl Sunday!  I was standing in my garage, watching my dad complete some "handy man" project of some sort, and out it pops, rolling only God knows where...

And it was gone.  Gone.  I mean the whole family look for it, no where to be found, move the toolbox, sweep the floor GONE. 

Now I'm sure how, as teachers, we all know first hand just how special loosing teeth is to our children.  So just imagine that experience!  :)  I'm not bitter though, in fact, Super Bowl Weekend always makes me smile when I think of that story each and every year.  :)

It also makes me remember how SUPER lucky I was as a child to have such great parents to tear up our garage looking for my tooth.  Such great parents that they put in a good word to the Tooth Fairy, and she came anyways.  Such great parents that have taught me so much kindness and helpfulness, which, in turn, I model and try to teach my class everyday.  So, there's my connection.  My SUPER connection, to this SUPER Super Bowl Weekend!

What's even better than my SUPER silly story you ask? 
Well, how about a SUPER sale?! 

I'm sure many of you have heard about/read online about the upcoming TpT sale on Sunday.  How exciting!  I already have my "wishlist" piled high with items.  Are you ready to shop?  My personal store is already on sale, with all items 20% off!!!  Tomorrow, you can "stack" your 20% PLUS another 10% from TpT when you enter the code "SUPER" at checkout.  How great is that?!  :)

Can't wait to shop?  That's okay.  Stop by my store now...because it's already on sale!

Hope you have a SUPER weekend!  Oh, and if there's any loose teeth out there, make sure to have your kiddos stay OUT of the garage!  :)