Thursday, September 6, 2012


Do you "ish"?!? 

I personally grew up with the word "ish" in my family's vocabulary. 
"Let's have dinner around six-ish." 
"Can you help me find that shirt that's kind of black-ish with tan flowers?" 
"Where's that one pillow that's kind of soft-ish and really squishy?"

I never really realized how special (and funny) of a suffix it was until later on in life!  Now, I use it with my kiddos during the first few weeks of school while reading one of my favorite books, that really touches on trying our best!!!  :)

Have you read the book Ish?  It's a cute, short read by Peter H. Reynolds about a little boy who loves to draw, but he becomes discouraged after his older brother laughs at his pictures.  So, what does he do?  He gets frustrated and is about to give up, when he finds out that his little sister LOVES his drawings, even if they're not perfect!  They're "ish"!  The vase isn't perfect, but it looks "vase-ish"!  The fish isn't perfect, but it looks "fish-ish"!  And so on and so forth!  Adorable story line, and an important lesson!!!

After we read the book as a class this week, we created our own "Ish" portraits.  Then, of course, we had to share!

This book (and mini-"project") not only taught us to try our best, but also to be respectful of others' work, too.  Such an important lesson during the first few weeks of building that classroom community!  (And, it gives you a fun suffix to use the rest of the year!  Your kid's will love it, and start to use "-ish" too!!!)


  1. I love, love, love this book! I also love The Dot. Thanks for sharing this darling idea. I'm going to do it with my little darlin's.

    Learning With Susie Q

    1. I LOVE The Dot, too!!! I always want to do that one after Ish, but we never seem to have time at the beginning of the year. I'll have to really remember, though, to keep it on the back burner for later on, because it is SO cute, too!

      I hope your kiddos enjoy drawing their own "ish" portraits! :)