Wednesday, April 25, 2012

3D Shapes (By Request!) and a Quick Giveaway!

Well I'm so happy that my Shape Sort freebie from the TpT Newsletter this week has been such a wonderful blessing!  I've had so many downloads, so many kind comments, and so many fun emails and messages to read!  It's really kept me on my toes, but it has also made me think and create new resources.

My class finished up our shapes unit a while ago, however, I still "spiral" past concepts in my own teaching, so I'm proud to admit that I still even use my "Shapes Sort" page!  I never thought about doing it for 3D shapes, though (which is kind of a "duh" moment...why didn't I think of that?!)!

So, since I've had so many comments and requests for a 3D sort page, and since my original "Shapes Sort" was such a big hit, I've been working the past few days on putting together a file (my new 3D Shape Pack!) of a few different things I do during my 3D shapes unit! 

Normally, to begin identifying attributes, I draw out on chart paper an example of a cube to show the concept of "face", "edge", and "vertex".  In my pack, though, I've made this 3D Shape Attribute "poster" on the computer (so it's very nice, neat, and perfectly square!).  I've also included 2 different tables for a 3D shape sort (very similar to the original Shape Sort).  Finally, I compiled a practice page for kiddos to identify attributes by coloring faces, edges, and vertices different specified colors!  (We do this all the time, just tracing in our math books and such, but now there's an acutal, grade-able page!)

I know it's not enough for you to teach the WHOLE unit with, but it's a great supplement!  AND, for today and tomorrow only, I'm offering my new 3D Shape Pack to you for $0.75!  That's right!  Seventy five cents!  :)

Finally, as a quick little giveaway, the first follower to tell me what shape has 8 edges, 5 faces, and 5 vertices will get my new 3D Shape Pack for FREE!!! Just leave me a comment below!  Happy Counting!  :)


  1. A rectangular pyramid... I think! :-).

  2. A square based pyramid.

  3. Both you ladies would be correct (especially since a square is a rectangle...theoretically...right?!)

    Since you were SO close in timing, too, I'll be sending each of you the new pack! :)


  4. Yay! Thank you! I'm glad I remembered that :-). Cannot wait to see more of and use this pack at school!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

      Unfortunantely, the 2 Heathers beat you to the punch with the pyramid guessing, but thanks for playing along! If you're still interested, the pack will be on sale through this evening on my TpT Store!

      Happy Thursday!

  6. Thanks for sharing the Geometric Shape Sort! I've downloaded it & have it saved for when I next teach shapes. Oh, the answer to your question is rectangular prism.

    1. Hey Barbara! Thanks for the kind compliment comment! :)

      I received your message through Kontactr (it totally made my morning!), however I do not have your email address, so I can't contact you back! If you have time, shoot me another message with your email, or you can just email me directly at JustTinkerinAround(at)yahoo(dot)com!

      Happy Sunday!