Thursday, April 26, 2012

Uh Oh....I Cannot be Trusted....

Yes, that is correct.  I officially cannot be trusted to go into Michael's without a chaperone....

They are having their "Customer Appreciate" coupon sale right now, so I thought I'd go pick up a few things tonight.  Weeeelllllll....look what happened......

Oye!  Can you belive it?! I really did get lots of good things, though, and LOTS of great deals (like the penny items!)

I also got things I can use for end of school year gifts, like cute cards for other staff members (with funny puns on the front, like "Oh NUTS!" or "I need to wine a bit!"), things to give my volunteers and Room Mom, things my students can use, and so much more...So, it wasn't ALL for me!!! :)

So, if you have a Michael's around you, and are planning to go soon for the sale, definitely take someone with you to keep you accountable!!!  And if you live in an area without a Michael's, just count your lucky stars that you can afford to buy groceries this month....(because after tonight, I'm not too sure I can!!!)  Haha joking, joking! 

Have a great night!  (I know I did!)  :)

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