Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Goodbye Kontactr!

As much as I have used Kontactr to receive feedback over these last few blogging months, it has had its MAJOR downfalls...including (but not limited to) not always receiving messages, receiving messages with no email addresses or contact info in them (because it is a "one-way" service), and so on and so forth....

All of which, have lead me to decide to take Kontactr off of my blog.  Whew.  Yes, it in fact, has taken me a good 3-4 weeks of going back in forth in my head to come to a decision...but, alas, there it is!

SO, moral of the short post:  if you have come to my blog and are looking for my Kontactr form, it no longer exists!  Simply send me an email at my Yahoo account instead!

Thanks, and Happy Tuesday.

P.S.  I really do have one last neat "techy" post from my November Learning Workshop to share.  I just don't have one last little supply yet to complete it....but I will share soon....(GET EXCITED!!)  :)

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