Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Alan November Workshop Taught Me About ONLINE TUTORIALS!

ONLINE TUTORIALS!!!  Wait, why is that in all caps, you may ask?  Because, I'm SO excited to share these with you!

Let me first back track and appologize for just now posting this.  My plans were to create this post earlier LAST week, HOWEVER, for this amazing new tool, I did need a microphone for my computer.  (Which, I thought I had one, but after digging and digging, it was no where to be found!)  So, I ended up getting a cheap one from a cheap store, but it is just an "old school" mic that you would use with a PA system or if you were performing in a band . . .
                                a little like this   -------------->

What I WOULD suggest (and I'm going to ask my principal if we have $20 to spare) would be a mic that sits on the desk, so you don't have to waste a hand to hold the mic.  That was one of my biggest struggles while recording, and I especially for children, it may be difficult.  This is what I have in mind (that hopefully would be MUCH easier):

Okay, now that my rant is over, let me let YOU listen to this brand new online tutorial ABOUT online tutorials, using a new (to me) program, Jing!

Pretty neat, huh?  I'm very excited to share this with my kiddos next year.  I think these tutorials can be GREAT for all levels of students.  Here's how:

  • It will provide enrichment to your higher level students.  They can create tutorials about current topics and subjects in class.  After all, they say you don't really TRULY understand something unless you can teach it yourself!   

  • It will provide opportunities for lower level students to hear another student's perspective on things.  They may have an "aha" moment after listening to Bobby or Jody teach them from the video. 

  • It will provide yet another techology "outlet" for your students to explore and learn with!  (After all, like I mentioned in an earlier post, our students will be reading and learning more on the internet than from school and/or books in their lifetimes!) 

  • It creates a "stage" for students in our classrooms!  No longer are students simply creating work for the teacher's eyes only (because let's face it, that's normally what we expect...our students to do their best work on something for only our eyes to see, grade, and give back).  Now, though, students will be accountable for something even bigger!  Children can ultimately share their work with the whole world (depending on how private and/or public you set the videos)!  Through online tutorials, we can "create creators", and every classroom can be an auditorium-- because now your students will know that eyes other than YOURS will see their hard work and creativity!

So, go play around with it!  Try it out, experiment over the summer, and get comfortable with it!  I'll have to admit, I'm still learning LOTS about it, but my goal is to be a PRO at it by the end of the summer, so I'll be ready to use it with my kiddos once the new school year begins.  (I'm envisioning LOTS of video topics, not just math!)

Here are a few links to some websites that have examples of online tutorials that we can use in the classroom:
  • Mathtrain TV: The site I showed in my Jing video above.  Real tutorials made by kids!
  • Khan Academy:  A site I've mentioned before, has many many video tutorials for ALL levels.  Sal Khan creates and records all videos.
  • Always Learning:  Has a great article of her students online tutorial project.
  • And I'm sure there are LOTS LOTS more, if we just search!
Okay, so I'm wondering now that you've made it through...what are your thoughts?  Like it?  Used it before?  Seen it before?  Have any other similar things?  Please share with the rest of us!  I know I, for one, would love to hear it!  Happy "Hump Day"!

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