Monday, April 9, 2012

What's Better Than A Monday With NO Voice?!

So yes, you read it right...a Monday with NO voice! :(

My day began with a voice, but as the day progressed, the voice slowly went away!  I've been battling with this (on and off) for a few months now...not sick, no fever, but lots of chest congestion and my voice keeps going in and out.  Ugh!!!  Good thing I have my trusty teacher mic!  Anyone else out there use one?  It's my FAVORITE!  No raised voices for me! :)

BUT ANYWAYS....What's better than a Monday with no voice?!  How about new followers!  I was so happy to log on today and see my new followers!  Welcome welcome!  AND I'm so close to the big 5-0!  And you know what THAT MEANS?!?!? 


So, hype me up, tell your friends, and let's try to get to the big five-oh sometime this week!  I guarantee the GIVEAWAY will be WORTH IT! :)  I have so many ideas a-brewin'!

And to help us get there faster, here's a little bribe (they always work with our kiddos, right, so why shouldn't they work with adults?!?!)

If you refer me to your friends, and they join as a new follower, both YOU and YOUR FRIEND will earn a free "Dollar Deal" item from my TpT Store or my TN Store!  Simply leave a comment below with your referral (ex. "Jillian, I referred ___ who's a new follower!") or with your name (ex. "Jillian, I'm a new follower, referred by ___!").  Also tell me which item you'd like, and where to send it!  Easy as that!

If you're a new follower on your own, let me know too!  I'd hate for you to miss out on the FREEBIE! :)

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!  I'm off to rest my voice with some hot tea and bad TV!  :)  Perfect way to end the day.  Keep checking back to see how close we come, and stop back by tomorrow to see how fun Natural Disasters can be (no not the actual ones...even though we DID have that brush with a tornado last week!)


  1. Good luck! I am getting close to 100 and it's about to kill me to get there. It's funny how happy new followers make a blogger. haha!
    Teaching, Learning, & Loving

    1. Haha!!! I know! And just one month ago, I didn't even have a blog!!!

      How life throws us curve balls, because now I couldn't imagine it without one! I hope you get to your 100 soon! I can't even imagine 100 followers.

      Happy Monday! :)

  2. I just reached 50 so starting Thursday be prepared to check my blog. I'm having the best giveaway ever! I'm so excited. It's all of my favorite things for having a great teaching year.

  3. Hi Jillian! I found your adorable blog through Second Grade SuperKids. Congrats on almost reaching 50. I am your newest follower.

    Have a great week! If you get a chance, come on over and visit my blog.


    1. Hi Krista! Thanks for stopping by and following! Let me know if you saw any "dollar deal" item you would like! :)

      Happy Tuesday!

  4. Hi! I just started following your blog! I found you through First Grade Delight. You have a wonderful blog! Hope your voice gets better!! :)

    1. Hi Heidi! Thanks for stopping by! Unfortunantely, the voice is worse...but I appreciate your kind wishes! :)

      Let me know if you saw any "dollar deal" you would like! Happy Tuesday!

  5. Hi! I found you from looking through Teachers Paying Teachers and am now following!