Tuesday, March 20, 2012

YOU Decide MY Sale!

Well it’s hard to believe that I’ve had my TpT Store for almost 3 weeks now!  I can’t imagine how life was before I stumbled upon the site! 

Just think of all the amazing resources my kiddos would be missing out on and all amazing blogs I never would have read.  AND not to mention, all the fun I’ve had listing my own products and creating my own blog! :) 

So, I thought, what better way to add more followers to both my blog and my TpT store than to have a little promotion:

So, to help decide my sale, here’s the plan:

On 3/21 (tomorrow @ 12:01 AM), I will begin a one day sale.  You can help influence the percent off (from now until 12:00 midnight) by:

1.      Following my Blog (if you already have, THANKS!)

2.      Following my TpT Store

3.      Come back and leave a message here when you’ve done both of these things!

Every new follower = 1% discount percentage

Confused?! (I probably am, too!)  But, let's try an example! 

As of now, I have 10 blog followers and 2 TpT followers.  This will be my “starting count”, so we all can easily keep track!

Say 5 new friends joined my blog (that puts us up to 15 followers), and they also followed my TpT store (7 followers there, now!).  That would earn you guys a 10% sale at my TpT store! (5 new + 5 new = Kind of like a double dip!)

Follow my blog but not my TpT store?  Go ahead and follow it, comment here, and earn everyone another 1% off!

Unfortunately, TpT’s sales are only in mulitples of 5 (5%, 10%, 15%, and 20%), but I will positively round UP to the next highest sale “bracket”, should the occasion arise!

And best of all, I PROMISE to give at least a 5% one day sale even if no one new follows me-- simply because I appreciate all the kindness I’ve received from you guys over the past few days!
For My One Day Sale- March 21!

Finally, like I promised, here’s my GIVEAWAY for the day!  Be the first to repost this promo (or mention this promo on your blog), then leave a comment with the link, and I will give you one of my “Dollar Deals” ($1 or less products) from my TpT store (you might even have some wiggle room if there is something else on my store that you've really been eyeing!)  Be sure to leave your email address where I can reach you!

Are you ready to start earning a sale???  Let's see how big of a percent we can earn by midnight tonight!!!

(Follower "Cut-Off" at midnight, right before sales begins!)

Keep Following, and I'll Keep Tinkerin'!


  1. I'm your newest follower.

    Swinging Through Second Grade

  2. Welcome Welcome! Glad you're here! Thanks for following!

    That's 1 new follower...adding 1%!

    AND the PRODUCT GIVEAWAY is still up for grabs! Any takers?!?!

  3. I'm a new follower and can't wait to use all the wonderful things you make.

  4. HI! Welcome! I am your 13th follower! I would love to have you stop by my blog when you get a chance.


    1. Thanks for Following!

      And now, I'm YOUR newest follower!! Super cute website, and I can't wait to read all of your Sight Word links from the Linky Party! Great idea!

      Be sure to send your friends this way!! Remind them, I still have the GIVEAWAY for one free item from my store!!!(directions in my post!)