Monday, March 19, 2012

When Everything Goes as Planned!

As a classroom teacher, it's widely understood that more often than not, your days don't quite go as planned.  From crazy lessons with interuptions, to bloody noses (or even...I dare to say it...vomit) in the middle of your room, teachers just learn to be flexible.

Even on days like today, our first day back from Spring Break, I made peace with the fact that the day would probably be a little kooky.  But let me just say, when things flow and go as planned, MAN it feels good!

Today was the beginning of teaching "Author's Purpose" in my classroom.  We just came off our Non-Fiction Unit, so I thought starting with the purpose "to inform" would be an easy link and great transition. 

Let me just say, my kids ROCKED it today!  I was so proud of them!  They caught on, they had a great "in depth" discussion, and they came up with many great examples on their own (really, no credit to must have been the week long break, but they're brains were definitely firing on all 4 cylinders this morning!).

So I just thought I would post some pictures of our first "Investigating Intent" lesson for the week!  You can find it on my TpT store here, BUT for the first 2 readers who "Follow" me and leave me a comment below, I will send it to you FOR FREE! :) 

In the middle of the large class "poster" (chart paper) is the mini-poster "To Inform", which you can find it the "Investigating Intent" Pack.  Students also glued a black and white 1/2 sheet copy of the "To Inform" mini-poster in their Reading Notebooks.  Then, they created their own example posters (green) as a table.  We shared, then glued them on the big sheet to keep hanging for a while!  As the week progresses, we will add more purposes-- to explain, to entertain, to describe, and to persuade!

I hope you love my kiddos work as much as I do (even though I realized I'm somewhat partial)!  And remember to follow me to get your free "Investigating Intent" Pack!  Tell your friends, too!


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