Friday, March 16, 2012

Kindness Should Be Free!!!

So I don’t know about other schools or districts, but for our school, the few weeks before Spring Break are CRAZY!  We have Book Fair, Open House, AND grades are due (and for some lucky teachers, like myself, TELPAS training and STARR training)!  Oh, and there’s the fact that all children act a little kooky right before a break from school!

Well, here’s a little story about my wild chaotic weeks, and the goal it has made me create for myself!  The Thursday before the week before Spring Break (does that make sense?!), I was out sick.  There was some virus going around our campus that caused about 5 teachers to absolutely lose their voices!  So, I took a day off, thinking it would give me time to rest and recoop.  (Well, I didn’t end up getting my voice back 100% until this past Tuesday…about 2 weeks later!)  So on this Thursday when I wasn’t at school, the PTA posted sign-up sheets for our school Book Fair.  Teachers needed to pick 2 slots for their class for the next week (one on Monday or Tuesday for “Preview” & one on Wednesday or Thursday for “Purchasing”). 

Needless to say, when I got back on Friday morning, almost ALL the spots were taken, except one spot first thing on Tuesday morning.  And BOY-- I thought this was amazing fate! Many of my students this year come in and out throughout the day (going to different classes, like Speech, Resources, OT/PT, etc.), but I DO have all my kiddos in my room first thing in the morning for about 45 minutes!  How perfect this was all working out!

And then, I realized I should have known better before I celebrated this small blessing….because that Tuesday, I would be out AGAIN for lovely Jury Duty.  And, I would never want to leave my sub (no matter how talented or how well she knows my students) with the chore of Book Fair Preview! 

A fantastic and kind Kinder teacher had the same time slot scheduled for Monday, so I called her up (with my barely audible, raspy voice) and asked if we could switch slots.  She happily agreed, I switched our names on the sign-up sheet, and we both went on our merry way!

Well, later that afternoon, I saw that the Kinder teacher had swapped her name to yet another time slot.  Turns out, she had a prior “engagement” for her class that Tuesday morning.  Instead of telling me “no”, she was sweet enough to just give me her Monday time slot and make due with scheduling one of the “less desirable” time slots left.  How thoughtful was she!!!

Over the weekend (after these 2 days of scheduling woes), I realized that while I was nice to that wonderful Kinder teacher, I never REALLY gave her an appropriate thank you for what she did!  I couldn’t believe how I acted!  I swear, I really do try to be kind and gracious!   

So Monday morning, first thing, I jotted down a little 3 line note about how much I appreciated what she did, and how that small “favor” showed me just how kind and flexible she is!  I snuck it in her box and went on my way.

Later on in the morning, that Kinder teacher and I got to talking.  She went on about my note and how it made her morning (even though it was only a few lines written on a scratch pad!)  And I must say, it made me feel good, to make her feel good, for making me feel good (is that confusing?!).

Moral of the story:  Although I think I’m pretty nice and appreciative, I realized I can show my gratefulness to those around me more often and in other ways than just verbal compliments.

This leads me to my goal for the rest of the school year:  I’m going to try to write at least one kind note a week to an adult around me.  It can be my team mates, intervention teachers, ESL teachers, paras, volunteers, etc.! 

To help with my goal, I have created a few cutesy notes to print out and use at school.  Here are some examples:

I have posted these for FREE on TpT!  Please download them and join me in my goal!  And, I wanted to add an extra bonus for YOU!  Print them out and use one in the next few days!  Come back here, and leave me a comment with how you used it.  For doing this, I will get in contact with you and create you a CUSTOMIZED cutesy card FOR FREE!  Because, you never should have to pay for kindness! :)

Some examples (I just had to show, especially since I could take a picture of them on my brand new, beautiful birthday platter!)
Have fun spreading kindness!

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