Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Most Recent Thoughts on Technology... (and a giveaway reminder!)

This coming school year, our campus is adding 3 new iPad mini carts to our inventory.  90 new tiny digital tablets with which to use in a meaningful way…when you think about it, it’s kind of mind boggling.  The role of technology has changed so dramatically recently (yes, I know, DUH…we all know that!).  Now, instead of merely one teacher computer and a few student desktops, many teachers have the opportunities, like mine, to put technology in the hands of all their students. 
How we use it, though, for benefit of our students, or just for our own ease, is up to us.  By having these new iPad minis, is learning going to get pushed farther or just simply a digital “center” to keep students static but happy? 

The question, I think, is: What do we really want students to accomplish with technology? 

I’ll admit…it’s a big, loaded question with no one correct answer.  That’s why I thought I’d throw it out there and see what you all think.  Here are our state standards, by the end of 2nd grade:

-Basic Operations—open, save, save as, print, audio, video, close

-Participation in virtual field trips, etc., Skype, Lync, blog

-Use a processfor creative thinking and problem solving

-Use fonts, font size/color, spacing, graphics, copy, paste, cursor, presentation tools, and drawing/painting tools in a simple document

-Describe the difference between search engine and browser

-Use internet 1-2 keyword searches and navigate

-Follow copyright and cite work

-Internet permission, who owns the work

-Know vocab—CPU, document camera, SmartBoard, tablet, printer, mouse, keyboard, storage devices, drives

-Keyboard home row, letters, numbers, shift, spacebar, enter, ctrl, alt, delete, backspace, ESC, capslock


That’s a pretty long and in depth list for 7 and 8 year olds, I must admit.  But just because it’s long, doesn’t mean it’s out of reach.  So what do you think?  Could your kiddos do these things?  I’ll admit, thinking back on my students this previous year, I did not do my very best to make sure they were all 100% successful at these technology standards.  Which is where my goal comes in—next year I need to be sure to make my technology use meaningful and purposeful to help my students become prepared for today’s “connected” world!


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