Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fun Box of Yum! Healthy Surprise Delivery

Recently, I stumbled upon Healthy Surprise-- a subscription program which delivers a box a month of healthy, natural, vegan, gluten free, and soy free goodies.  I chose the "Starter Box", which includes about 16-20 servings of yummy goodness. 

Everything can be kept at room temperature (which I LOVE, since I just took my whole box with me to school).  Inside, there were tons of new snacks that I've never had before, so I thought I'd share a little "review" with you!  :)

I ordered my box on Sunday, and it was delivered on Wednesday.  How's that for speedy delivery?!  The box was oh-so cute and branded, and you can see inside was stuffed with munchies.  Let me separate them and give you a little "run down"...

Cocomojoe Cranberry Bar:  This was the first thing I ate.  YUM.  Yes, it was a little high in calories, but it was a scrumptious compilation of coconut, cranberries, and more.  I actually ate this as an after school snack one afternoon, and it filled me up!

Thunderbird Energetica Lemon Rain Bar: Gluten free and very heavy for its little package.  Quinoa based, it's not your typical granola bar.  Very dense, not my favorite flavor, but all in all, it kept me satisfied!

Just Fruit Bar: All that's in it is fruit purees and juices.  It was like "fruit leather" but much more moist and yummy.  Love it a lot and would definitely eat again!

Alter Eco Dark Chocolate and Almond Bar: Of course, super delicious.  Not like a normal super sweet Hershey's bar, much more bitter, but just letting a square melt in your mouth was enough!  I broke this into pieces, and it lasted me three separate times, even though the package says 2 servings!

Rawma Bar: TBD.  Yet to be tried!

Kale Krunch: Dried kale snack with a "kick" has a coating on the outside.  Mine was "Southwest Ranch" flavored.  Tried a piece, but it was way too spicy for me...I'm a weenie when it comes to "hot".  Donated the rest to the teacher's lounge, and it was gone within the day.

Hail Merry Macaroons: OMG.  These are gluten free, dehydrated coconut macaroons.  DELICIOUS.  Very crumbly, so at first I was a bit leery, but after eating one, I was in love.  I actually got on line and ordered more from the manufacturer!

Plentils:  These are lentil chips.  A good substitution for potato chips, much healthier and gluten free.  A good snack when you need something crunchy and salty.

Peter Rabbit Fruit Snack:  This particular one was a banana and apple "puree" type snack.  Kind of like baby food...I felt kind of silly eating it, since it's in a squeeze type bottle.  But, it is just banana and apple...yummy and healthy.  (I do have to admit, I ate this after school in the confines of my room, though, because I thought I'd look really funny eating it as a snack in front of my kiddos!!)

Freeze Dried Pineapple Crunchies: TBD.  They're actually my "next up" in snack rotation.  I'll let you know on Monday!

Happy Hemp Seeds:  TBD.  It's a healthy size pack of hemp seeds.  Not quite sure what to do with them yet.  Never had hemp seeds before.  Maybe I might mix them in yogurt or another snack...  :)

So, there you have it-- my mini, informal "review" of my first Healthy Surprise box.  Nope, I wasn't paid for any "promo" or given anything for free, just signed up and enjoyed it for what it was.  It's perfect for teachers like us, so I thought I'd share the program to anyone who's interested!  It's a month by month subscription that you can cancel at anytime.  For now, I think I'll leave mine and see what shows up next month-- after all, the items inside constantly change, which is what makes it a "surprise"!  Interested to sign up or learn more?  Here's a little more info, and of course, you can always click on over to Healthy Surprise!

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  1. That looks so yummy! What a good idea to take it to school... I keep candy in my drawer, maybe this will be a better boost next year :)

    Thanks for sharing!
    Three Cheers for First Grade!