Thursday, April 5, 2012

Publishing Sensory Poetry and CAN YOU GUESS MY POEM?!? GIVEAWAY

So if you made it through my LONG post yesterday, you read about my students' fun sensory poetry (and my new Sensational Sensory Poetry Pack!)  After a few weeks of pre-teaching sensory words, prewriting, drafting, and editing, today was the BIG PUBLISHING DAY!

My class had so much fun, and our end products turned out SO great, that I just had to share with you all! 

Here we are, turning our final drafts into published work:

And here are a few finished products:

When we had completely transferred our final copies onto our publishing paper, the students then "mounted" their poems onto a colored 1/2 sheet of construction paper.  Then, they got a plain white envelope and wrote "can you guess my topic?"  I stressed to my kiddos that if they included fantastic, specific sensory words throughout their poems, our readers would be able to guess their topics even without knowing!  AND IT WORKED!!!  Here we are, making and finishing our envelopes....

After everyone finished publishing, we shared and let other classmates "guess our topics"!  We had so much fun!

So much so, that I want to carry the "guess my topic" on to this post!  I already gave away 2 complete "Sensational Sensory Poetry Packs" from my last post, but I will give away ONE MORE to the first person to correctly guess the topic of MY sensory poem.  Leave your guess and your email in the comment below, and I will post as soon as someone guesses correctly! :)  Let's see how fantastic and specific my own poem can be....

brown, translucent, liquid
sweet, styrofoam, plastic
refreshing, sugary, tart at times
fizzing, slurping, gulping
cold, bubbly, wet

Have fun reading!  And if you don't win the freebie, or simply want to check out the Sensational Sensory Poetry Pack, you can visit it at my either TpT or TN store!  It will be on "introductory sale through Saturday!  Enjoy!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes! Soda! Thanks for guessing!

      I hope you and your kiddos enjoy the free Sensational Sensory Poetry! It is really cute and fun in the classroom.


  2. Shoot! I'm thinking soda too! Kinda puzzled on the "tart at times" :-)

    First Grade Delight

    1. You just missed it by a few minutes...and since you participated TWICE (once on the previous post), I went ahead and sent the pack your way!

      Thanks for playing along! I hope you enjoy!


  3. Okay, the pack(s) is gone! Thanks for everyone who participated, and keep checking in...I feel another giveaway will happen soon! :)