Saturday, April 14, 2012

Notice Anything New?!?

How about my wonderful new blog design?!? 

I'm in heaven over here!  I LOVE it!  (Isn't it funny, the cute-sie things that make teachers excited?)

Lee at Passionatelee Designs (cute name!) was so patient, so understanding, and so kind while she worked with me on this design!  She definitely went WAY above and beyond!!!  (I'm sure she's pretty tired of hearing me say "thank you" but goodness, I feel like I can't say it enough!)

So, take a second to "take it all in"...

*Deep breath*....Ahhh...Cute, new design!!!

Well I'm happy as a lark, and to celebrate all this happiness (and my near 50 followers) tomorrow I'm going to be giving you ALL the details of my TOTALLY, TERIFFIC, TINKERIN' GIVEAWAY!!!  I will have lots of items up for grabs-- many from my stores and a few others from other teachers and designers!  Just wait and see!  It's going to be fun fun fun!  :)

Oh, and be sure to send your friends this way...if we hit 50 followers, the giveaway's going to get even better!

Happy Saturday!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks girl! Who would have ever thought that a blog design could make someone so happy?! Haha! It's the little things in life!

      Have a great day!


  2. Absolutely adorable! I LOVE it! Thanks for entering my daily giveaways. I have 6 more days so don't forget to keep checking back.

  3. The new design is so cool!! Great choice! :)

  4. Thanks everyone for ALL the love (you've made my day)! I'll be givin' LOTS of love back tomorrow!! You just wait and see! ;)