Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Finished Robert Munsch Pack!

Roll out the red carpet and get the fancy horns ready!!!!  I've finally managed to finish compiling all my Robert Munsch resources into one 16 page "Let's Learn About Robert Munsch" Pack!  Yes, yes, I squeezed work in, here and there, between a trip to the grocery store, hanging a bathroom cabinet, grading papers, weeding some flower beds, and mowing the yard.  (Making this pack was actually my DOWN time, believe it or not!)

So, before I go on, I MUST tell you that I contacted Robert Munsch himself, and he forwarded me on to his "people" (wouldn't it be nice if we had "people", too?).  My NEW pack does NOT have specific books in it, due to Copyrights and such.  It DOES have lots of fun activities and printables to use with an author study, though. 

*As a side note, to any teacher/creators out there- I've really learned alot about Copyrights and such over the past few weeks.  It's easy to want to sell and share all that we have created, but for some specific things, or books, or people, or games, or ___ (you get my drift) that are Copyrighted, we must "tweak" some things  before we put them online.  I know there's a huge difference between using things only in your classroom and posting things online for the whole world to see/use!!! :)

So anyways, here's a "sneak" preview of my Robert Munsch resource pack.  It is 16 pages (with instructions) of Robert Munsch worksheets and activities such as the online author study, 2 story elements pages, 2 comparing/contrasting pages, 1 author portrait page, and 2 reflection worksheets.

I will be giving away 1 full pack on Tuesday morning, (hopefully before I head off to school!!).  Here are 3 different ways to snag some entries.  Make sure to include your email each time you comment!
  1. Follow my blog.  If you do already, great!  Then, leave one comment saying that you follow!
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  3. Comment below, telling me your favorite Robert Munsch book AND how (or if) you use him in your classroom!

I will use the random number generator Tuesday morning to choose my winner!  I know it's a short "deadline", and I don't count on having lots of entries (so, be sure to enter all 3 ways to REALLY boost your odds!). 

If you don't win, this pack will also be listed on sale at my TpT store all next week!  Stop by to check it out!


  1. I follow your blog!

  2. I follow your TpT store!

  3. My favorite book by him is "Purple, Green, and Yellow." I've seen author studies on him and the students make their own versions of the books.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  4. Thanks for joining in our giveaway fun! I am now your newest follower as well!

    The Second Grade Superkids

  5. I follow your blog!

    Brenda @ Primary Inspired

  6. I follow your TpT store!

    Brenda @ Primary Inspired

  7. I'll admit Love You Forever is my all time favorite! I like to use it at Mother's Day.

    Brenda @ Primary Inspired

  8. I am a follower!!
    Teaching, Learning, & Loving

  9. I follow your blog!

  10. I follow your TPT store!

  11. My favorite Munsch book is Love You Forever. I always read it to my class.

  12. I follow your blog now!

    1. Hey Heather! So glad you stopped by!

      This giveaway has ended, but feel free to jump on over to today's post to see how you can score a free copy of my new Sensational Poetry Pack!

      Glad you're here! Happy Thursday! :)

      Just Tinkerin' Around

  13. I follow your TPT store.

  14. My fav. book is 50 below. We used this for problem and solution.