Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Sale, A Giveaway, An Update, & Some Homework!

Whew!  What a long title!  I promise the post length won't mirror the title length, though!  I'll try to be quick and to the point, while I address these 4 topics!

#1- A Sale
YOU helped earn a 10% sale at my TpT store.  It is only a 1 day sale, though, so head on over to scoop up all your goodies at 10% off before midnight tonight!  And thank to all my new followers!  I'm so glad you're here!

#2- A Giveaway (maybe...)
We're going to try this again!  Be the first follower to mention my one-day sale in your blog, send me a comment with the link, and I will GIVE you any product from my TpT store.  Yes, ANY product!  (I tried this a few days ago, and no one took me up on it....let's see if I have any takers today!)

#3- An Update
Our Author's Purpose unit has been going so great this week!  My kiddos are having a blast working together to "investigate" the intents!  I even had a little boy ask if he could bring his long, black spy coat to school tomorrow! (SO cute!)

Here are some pictures of our progress so far:
"To Explain" from yesterday. 
Around the edges are student created "posters" of one book and what it explained!
And then today, we started "To Entertain"!  My colored "poster" went in the middle of the chart paper, and then around the edges, students investigated and searched for their own entertaining books!  On a notecard, they wrote the title, author, and one sentence why it was entertaining:

You can find the Author's Purpose: Investigating Intents Pack on my TpT store!

#4- Some Homework
Our Geometry Unit somehow fell with Spring Break right smack dab in the middle of it, so while we began before Spring Break (with 2D shapes), we were supposed to end after Spring Break (with 3D shapes, and our assessment over both 2D & 3D on Friday!)  So, before Spring Break, I sent a small "Shape Book" (through email actually) to each student and his/her family.  It was assigned as OPTIONAL homework.  (I stress the optional because our district and school have a no-homework over break policy!)  However, I do have both parents and students who ask for activities to work on over breaks, so I make them optional, and always add a little incentive if it is brought back, especially since it will keep the Geometry fresh on their brains over break.  I also don't give a firm "due date". 

So, I've had them trickle in over the past few days, and they have turned out GREAT! (A lot more effort put in than last year!)  Here are some examples if you'd like a peek:

You can also find this book templates on my TpT store-- AND for the rest of today, it's only $0.64!  What a steal! :)

As a discussion ponder, do you send any Geometry activities/homework home?  Besides identifying shapes, counting and comparing edges, vertices, faces, etc., what else do you have your kiddos work on with Mom and Dad?  I'm excited to hear your ideas!


  1. Hi Jillian
    Such a great blog with fun ideas. Thanks for sharing. I just found you and am your newest follower. :o)
    Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After

  2. I am still trying to wrap my head around you emailing all of your parents...I think I have 2 parents who have access to email.

    It looks like a great packet to work on.

    We work on whether the shape can roll or slide too.

    As we are doing our shape standards, the kiddos all have a mini jar of play-doh. We use toothpicks to build both the 2d and 3d shapes. Our our last day after the assessments, we have a shape party. The kiddos make and write about the shapes and make a cube with gumdrops and toothpicks. We eat shape snacks...Bugles(cones), pretzel sticks(cyclinders), cheese cubes, Kix spheres, etc. One of their favorite things is dipping the shapes in a bubble solution and popping the faces! =)

    Heather's Heart