Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday, Monday, Monday

Man, I have a serious case of the "Mondays"...Crazy day at school, killer itchy and swollen ant bits from this weekend, meeting an over-priced lawn company for a name it, it's all piled into this one day!  AND my day's not even over yet!  I still have "outside of school" tutoring.  I put it in quotes, and I call it this because I had school tutoring for the kiddos in my classroom this afternoon after school...and now I have tutoring with another child for private tutoring tonight!  Busy busy busy...

Oh, and did I mention that my Monday began with a student throwing up, maybe 10 minutes into the day?  Yes, now you can REALLY see the "Mondays"....

BUT, onto the HAPPYs!  Mrs. Cook over at First Grade Smart Cookies is celebrating her 50 followers by having a giveaway!  Click on over to take a look at the cute little bag stuffed with goodies!  I can't wait to reach 50 followers, and have a giveaway of my own!!!  Here's a sneak peak of hers:

Lastly, I still have a few "spots" open to EARN A FREEBIE from my last post!!! Scroll down to read about my new Wonderful Word Work pack, and leave me a comment to earn your freebie!

Happy Monday!

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