Friday, March 9, 2012


Hello Internet World!

As you can read in my "About Me", my name is Jillian, and I'm a teacher. 

Kind of sounds like I'm in some type of "anonymous" meeting... 
"Hi my name is Jillian and I'm a teacher."

"Hi Jillian."

Yes, you will have to bear with me-- I am very new at the whole "blog" thing, and I am extremely sarcastic.

That being said, I guess this introduction is kind of like one of those meetings (from what I've seen on TV!)  I LOVE my job, and I love working with kids.  I also have fallen into a great knack of creating things on the computer.  It sounds funny, but it's actually become somewhat of a hobby.  I can sit with my laptop in the evenings, wind down while watching educational TV (because we all learn something from Modern Family & New Girl, right?), and click away to make any resources that I need!

Whew!  Well I'm sure this post is not very long in the grand scheme of things, but being my first one, I'm already out of words to type.  Hoping it gets easier when the subject isn't a biography about me!

So enough about me, already!  I'm glad you came for a visit, and I'm glad that you will have patience with me on this blogging road ahead!

I'm excited to post my classroom ups and downs, success and failures (crossing my fingers for more successes than failures!), and fun, new exciting ideas that I've used with my students.

I will reiterate one more time, please have patience with me, because I truly am just tinkering around until I figure my way around a blog!  Happy Friday!!!  Here we go.....

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