Monday, September 30, 2013

The COOL Water Cycle Song!

Have you heard it?  Do you know what I'm speaking of?  Oh yes, it's the most memorable, most catchy science song on the face of this's "The COOL Water Cycle Song" by Mr. Davies! 

While this is not the "original"'s pretty close...and it has the lyrics typed on top of the video, which I LOVE! 

So today, we started learning about the water cycle.  We took out our boring science books, and instead of simply reading and going over the diagrams, we added in this fun video and then "followed" the cycle with our fingers as it was sung through the song!  So cute, so fun, and my kiddos were singing the song ALL day up until dismissal.  Who could ask for more?!  :)
Following the Water Cycle as it's sung by Mr. Davies in his way COOL Water Cycle Song!

So I hope everyone's having a great beginning of the week, and if you haven't already taught the water cycle yet this year, I hope you'll keep this fun video in the back of your mind to pull out of your bag of tricks when you do begin!  Happy Monday!!!  (PS- Sorry in advance if you listen and the song gets stuck in your head the rest of the night!  Enjoy!!!)

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